7 Tips for Colored Contacts


7 Tips for Colored Contacts 

Before you buy, wear colored contact lenses, Halloween contacts, or cosplay contacts. Here are seven tips for colored contacts to help you with safety and comfort and where to buy them. Let’s take a look.



I’m excited today to talk about colored contact lenses. Before you start wearing colored contacts, here we provide seven tips.

Wear Colored Contact Lenses for a Short Time 


Only wear colored contact lenses for a short time or as long as your doctor recommends. 

If I’m wearing cosplay or special effects Halloween contacts, I only wear them for up to one to two hours at a time.It is long enough to attend Halloween parties or other special events.


Unless you’re wearing a cosmetic colored contact lens like the Air Optics colors, most colored contact lenses are of a much older technology from the 1960s. 


The older plastic used in many of these contact lenses does not allow enough oxygen to pass through the plastic and get to the eyes.


According to the industry standard, the minimum Oxygen transmissibility through the lens is 24DK/T. But these types of lenses are a ranking of 8 DK over T. That means a little bit of oxygen gets through but not enough. 


Long time wearing contact lenses, you’re at risk of them causing edema or swelling of the cornea on the surface of your eye. That can lead to infection damage. 


So the longer you wear the colored contact lenses, the higher risk of damage to the eyes. It is better only to wear them for a short time. 


Keep a bottle of re-wetting drops for your colored contacts. 

7 Tips for Colored Contacts

The older technology does not expect these contact lenses to be excellent and ultra-comfortable. It has to do with the contact lens design and the quality of the soft plastic. 


To improve your comfort, consider having a bottle of artificial tears approved for contact lenses. Such as the refreshing relief for contacts for example.


Suppose you do need some tips on how to get eye drops in. Please check the guide for How to Use Eye Drops PROPERLY! – Eye Drop Tutorial.


It is vital whenever your eyes become red, painful, or irritated. Take out the contact lenses and contact your doctor if the eyes aren’t feeling better.


It’s a good tip for anybody who’s wearing contact lenses. 


Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean and Disinfected

close view for contact lens on finger

Always appropriately clean and store your contact lenses unless using a single-use contact lens like the dailies colored lenses.


Most contact lenses need to be appropriately cleaned and disinfected. Be sure to use an approved multi-purpose disinfectant solution, and never under any circumstance use regular water.


Some of the absolute worst contact lens infections you can get come from using water with contact lenses.


Suppose you are storing away your contact lenses for several weeks to months. Make sure to read the back label of the disinfectant solution because it often tells you how often that specific solution needs to be replaced. 


Most of these multi-purpose solutions do have to be replaced every 30 days. Keep in mind when these contact lenses expire. Depending on the brand, it could be one day, a month, or even a year.


When you’re cleaning the lenses, make sure to rub the lenses a little bit with the solution because that will help break up any bacteria and other lipids that may be deposited onto the surface of that lens. 


Do not use dried-out contact lenses or old contact lenses. 


Old contact lenses dried up on the bottom of a case. Do not try to re-wet them. I have tried that myself it does not work. 


If you try to use those lenses, you’re likely to scratch and hurt your eye. 


Learn how to put in and take out your contact lenses properly. 

How to Put in Contact Lenses

Putting contact lenses into the eye is the most complex challenge of wearing any contact lens.


 Learning how to put them in and take them out safely, the best option is to ask a local clinic so that somebody can walk you through the proper steps in person.


Most clinics only charge a small fee on top of the fitting for contact lenses, so it’s worth it. Otherwise, feel free to check out some of the tutorials we have here on this channel, both contact lenses for beginners on how to put them in and take them out.


We also have a tutorial on taking them out if the contact lenses have rolled behind the eyelid or the back of your eye.


For a tutorial on how to put in these large sclera creepy-looking contact lenses, which is no joke, pretty tough, but I’m getting pretty good at it. 

Buy your contacts from a Credible Source with 7 Tips for Colored Contacts

40 holder display for hollywood contacts and branclear contact lenses

What I mean by that is if you go online and type in anything regarding colored contact lenses. Such as Halloween lenses, cosplay lenses, or anything like this, chances.


You’re going to see a plethora of websites that are selling colored contacts for a ridiculously cheap low price.


One major thing is that many of these websites need to validate your prescription.


In the United States, color contact lenses are classified as a Class 2 or a class 3 medical device.


For any company to sell you contact lenses, whether a local shop or an online store, it needs to validate your prescription. Like our Official website: https://hollywoodluxurycolorlenses.com/


We sell contact lenses, and we also need to check your prescriptions. If you need colored contacts or Halloween contact lenses, please purchase directly through this link: https://hollywoodluxurycolorlenses.com/.


 You can also get the lenses directly from our distributor. They can validate you with the correct prescription and ensure that the lenses aren’t expired or tampered with now.


Go and purchase colored lenses and encourage you to kind of buyer beware double check the expiration date.


Make sure it’s still not expired, not damaged. For your eye’s sake, be safe about your lenses. Tip 7 seven Do not sleep with colored contacts. No contact lenses on the market are approved for overnight or sleeping-in contact lenses.


The truth is the risk of permanent vision loss in corneal transplants.

A nasty infection multiple times costs a lot to visit your local eye doctor.

Do not ever sleep with colored contacts to save your eyesight.