How to Put in Contact Lenses 

inserting a contact lenses with finger

Colored Contacts for Beginners | How to Put in Contact Lenses

If you are starting to wear contact lenses, this is the right article to learn how to put in contacts quickly and without hurting. An intelligent choice is to learn through a suitable course with an eye care professional at the eye clinic or an optical.
These hand-to-hand training courses will teach you how to wear contacts. They can guide you through and handle contact lenses. Also, they can troubleshoot any problem. If your eye is hurt, the doctor in the eye clinic can take care of you immediately. However, if you have already learned that suitable course and still have trouble wearing the lenses, you can follow the steps below to try again.
How to Put in Contact Lenses


Wash your hands

side view of hand washing

Before wearing contact lenses, the first thing needs to do is wash your hands. There are lots of microorganisms and bacteria that can live on your hand. Ensure you wash all grease and germs off and dry your hands thoroughly.

Use lint-free clothes to dry your hands

put solution into the storage case
It is better to use a cloth or a lint-free towel to avoid the little fibers of lint contaminating the lens and your eye. Although you have already cleaned and dried your hands, you will feel uncomfortable.
If you want to verify your contact lens prescriptions, it is best to start with the same eye every time.

Remove the lens from the packing

tweezer holding contact lenses
Some contact lenses come in little glass vials, but most come in a little blister.
Unfold the blister pack and open the bottle; you will see the lens lying in the saline solutions. Use the padding of your pointer finger to pick it up, and be careful with your fingernail.
Clipping the long fingernails is better to reduce your chance of hurting your eyes again. However, using your dominant hand’s pointer finger to put the contact lens is the best way, as it will help you control the contact lenses.

Inspect the contact lens for defects

close view of contact lens

Inspect the lens thoroughly to see if there are any defects. Throughout the wrinkled edges or torn-out lenses, pick up a new one.
Inspection is essential for having good comfort in your lenses.

Check the lens is not Inside Out

right hand pointer finger holdering contact lens
Soft lenses have a correct way they sit on the eye, but they can also be inside-out. Please don’t put a lens inside-out on the eye because it’ll slide around and be uncomfortable.
You can always feel the contacts are cutting the eyeball if wearing the inside-out. In the right way, the soft lens looks like a perfect bowl.
If the soft lens faces inside out, you can see sharp edges.
Another excellent way to find the right side is called the taco test.
 Suppose the lens sits positioned once you pinch it from the sides. It will fold together in shape like a taco.
When you pinch on an inside-out lens, it’ll again fall outward and not sit correctly because the lens fights against itself.

Use fingers to control eyelids to prevent blinking

hold the eyelid while trying contact lenses
You can put your contacts by staring into a mirror upright or looking down at a mirror on the counter while placing in the contact lenses. The secret to quickly wearing your contact lenses is controlling your eyelids.
Most people have difficulty getting contact lenses in because they’re compassionate about anything coming toward their eyes.
So keep the eyelids open from coming down, put the lens in and stay.
Use the non-dominant hand’s middle finger to hold the upper eyelid’s top edge.
Hold it tight to the orbital bone, and the upper eyelid will stay focused. Hold the lower eyelid with the middle finger, pick up the lens with the pointer finger and then put the lens directly onto the cornea.

Gently place the lens onto the eye

put contact lenses onto the eye
Sometimes it can be scary to bring contact lenses into the eyes. The lens acts as a shield that protects your watch from feeling anything.
So touching the eye with the finger-holding contact lens shouldn’t feel anything. Keep trying if the lens touches eyelashes or falls out.
Make sure to lean the lenses with some solutions. And what’s more, soak the lenses with answers before you wear them on. After that, you will feel more comfortable.

Blink a few times and allow the lens to settle

young lady wearing grayish contact lenses
Hold steady the bottom and top eyelid in the middle, then put the lens forward onto the eye and blink several times. The lens will go right away on the eye.
It may take several minutes for your vision to get back to perfect after putting on the contact lenses, as the lenses have to settle on the eye for the first couple of minutes before your vision signal starts to dial in.
Astigmatism and toric contact lenses are built-in with power and may need some more time to orient to the right place.

Conclusion How to Put in Contact Lenses is a simple practice.

At first, you may have a little problem getting the lenses in, but after practice for some time, it will be straightforward.