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Counter display + contact lenses

Empty Counter display for contact lenses

Counter display + Hollywood Luxury contact lenses

Hollywood Blossom Contacts + Counter Display

Hollywood luxury color lenses marble gray

Marble grey contact lenses are to your makeup desk what a black cost is to your closet. Easily adapted to any occasion and any event. It can also increase the perception of depth in the eyes.

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jade green 1 min

jade green colored contacts hollywood

The natural lines of green mixed with micro-perspective are light and soft, and it is refreshing and soaked to wear, and the eyes have an unprecedented sense of satisfaction and enchanting vision.

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Hollywood ocean blue lenses

ocean blue lenses are all you need for perfect, sea ocean blues for a look, it will be your favorite color

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Ocean Blue 1 min

80 holder colored lenses display

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The Road to Popularity of Colored Contact Lenses

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The Road to Popularity of Colored Contact Lenses

Industry Research.  The Road to Popularity of Colored Contact Lenses Compared to traditional frames glasses,...

Best Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses

Hollywood luxury color lenses80 count display full with hollywood colored lenses 80 pairs on a rotating display stand

What Are Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses?

Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses are disposable cosmetic colored contact lenses. Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses are perfect for changing eye color arbitrarily and are an excellent look on your eyes. 38% water content ensures the Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses have both hardness and oxygen permeability. The three-tone colors on blending are three colors in one. You will love the freedom and clear vision from Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses. All of the designs with the actual pattern of making eyes look bigger and shinier naturally, bringing a three-dimensional effect and natural shine to your eyes. 

Why Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses are a trend? Who wears these lenses?

The first time using Hollywood Luxury Color contact lenses to alter the look of the movie actors started in 1939. The American Wesley Company (Wesley Janssen) invented a colored lens that can change the eyeball color (iris) and has a pattern—known as the first Colored Lenses.

The current mainstream consumers of Hollywood luxury color lenses are the new generation of Internet people born in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. 

According to statistics, the colored contact lenses occupy the entire contact lens market, more than 60%, of which the number of users who are entirely aesthetically pleasing is as high as 1/3. 

The Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses do not require care, and they suggest you change( replace ) it within three weeks if you use it frequently as a fresh new lens always feels better and more hygienic.

How Many Colors of Hollywood Luxury Colored Lenses

If you are looking for Hollywood luxury color lenses wholesale, It is imperative to know all the colors of each series and which are the top moving colors. 

There are three series with 20 colors of Hollywood luxury color lenses with best wholesale price

Blends series content these three-tone colors, honey, blue, green, pure hazel, chestnut brown, sugar gray, topaz blue, sweet violet, satin gray, aquamarine, jade green

The illusion series contain those colors below: brown, marble gray, evergreen, violet, and ocean blue.

The natural series is the most popular, including genuine sapphire, hazel, gray, and emerald green.

Are Hollywood luxury color lenses safe?

Hollywood Luxury color contact lenses are a well-known brand of color contact lenses. They offer you an excellent and comfortable wearing experience through the world-famous material used in manufacturing, high oxygen permeability, and increased durability. Hollywood luxury color contacts can be cosmetically appealing and improve a person’s confidence.

Specifications Technical Parameters for Hollywood Luxury Color lenses

Name: Soft hydrophilic colored contact lenses

Moisture content: 38%

Shelf life: 5 years

Packing specification: 2 pieces + 1 storage case /box

Replacement period: 12 months

Material: HEMA+MMA+NVP

Diameter: 14.0 mm

Basic radian: 8.6 mm

Oxygen permeability coefficient: 9.0×10″(cm/s)[mlo, /(ml× hPa)]

Oxygen permeability: 

90×10°(cm/s)[mlo /(ml× hPa)] (-300D)

How To Wear A Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses for Beginners? 

  1. The first step to wearing contact lenses is ensuring your fingernails are short and your hands are washed thoroughly before wearing or removing the lenses.
  2. The contact lens should be removed and worn on a clean and flat table to prevent the lens from falling to the ground.
  3.  Before wearing the lenses, carefully check all the conditions on the colored lenses. Do not wear broken lenses. If there is dirt and sediment, wash it before wearing it.
  4. After each lens is removed and worn, the left and right lenses should be strictly distinguished, the right one first and the left one followed.
  5. After opening the bottle of the care solution, close the lid tightly every time after use, and do not touch the bottle’s mouth with your hands. After the care solution is opened, replace it with a new bottle within the specified time (usually three months).
  6.  Hollywood luxury color lenses must be cleaned and preserved with a unique cleaning solution and care solution.
  7. You should consciously implement the wearing method of wearing and washing every day and take out the lenses before bed.
  8. If the contact lenses stand for an extended period, clean them with alternative solutions routinely. Please pass it thoroughly before wearing it.
  9. Use a new storage case every 3-4 months.
  10. Makeup principles: Put on the lens and then makeup, take off the lens and remove the makeup, and do not contaminate the lens with cosmetics.
  11. Observe your eyes before wearing them, and if there is any abnormality, you should stop wearing them and go for an eye examination.
  12. The first-time wearer should increase the wearing time daily, 4 hours on the first day, 6 hours on the second day, and can continue to wear the Hollywood luxury color lens for about 10 hours after five days.

How to get a low price on wholesale Hollywood color lenses?

Hollywood colored contacts near me can be easily get on the official website.

Nowadays, consumers are used to shopping for contact lenses online there. Over 30% of the consumers try to find Hollywood luxury color lenses on amazon. 

If you can not get all the colors to need, buying from Hollywood luxury color lenses’ official online store is also a good idea.

This website is the official Hollywood luxury color lenses website; the minimum order quantity for Hollywood colored contacts is 50 pairs. 

 Talking about a brand, a lot of dealers and distributors would like to customize their brand. When doing a long time of wholesale Hollywood-colored contact lenses, you will find it easy to customize your brand with logo and individual packing. A quantity of over 200 pairs can do customized logos and packing.

What’s Next for Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses

With the successful development of the latest silicone hydrogel materials in Hollywood luxury color lenses and tremendous market support, domestic brands will gain more market shares. They will also promote manufacturing processes and a boom in color lens design. Hollywood luxury color lenses will have an important position and occupy a pivotal part in the market.